rule 1

Courage is a positive contagion.
A.k.a. Talk about Courage Club. Seriously, talk about it. Tell a friend. Send them a dare. Courage Club was built on the idea that we can become our best, boldest self with the permission and push of a social spark. Humans even think a mountain is less steep with a friend beside us. Let’s scale some mountains together.

rule 2

Fear is a clue, not a curse.
Steven Pressfield said this really well, too. “Are you paralyzed with fear? That’s a good sign. Fear is good. Like self-doubt, fear is an indicator. Fear tells us what we have to do. Remember one rule of thumb: the more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.” Amen.

rule 3

Get hooked on the thrill of advancing.
Avoidance is an addiction. Each time you avoid an action you wanted to take, your brain experiences this as relief and believes it made the right decision. But it never discovers the positive reward of the other side of action. You can rewire this relationship to fear.


Take the first step forward.
The first step is often the toughest. It’s also a game-changer. Fear is a filter that limits our sense of possibilities. And it’s worst before we act. We see things differently from new ground, past the doubt and inertia. Find a way to take one step toward what you want. You’ll have a whole new view.

Rule 5

Momentum is magic.
When you take the action of that first step, a little mysterious alchemy begins. This doesn’t mean everything will be easy. Edges return to make sure we’ve learned their lessons. Sometimes change isn’t about willpower, discipline, or figuring it out. It’s stepping out and trusting the world will offer ground to turn that step into a sprint.

Rule 6

What’s hardest matters most.
Sure, you can work your way to the big stuff. Productive procrastination is a thing. But the core issue will always be there waiting, and your progress will only trickle, like blood slipping through a clogged artery. If you don’t face the biggest piece, the block just comes back. Embrace the intensity and free the flow that’s naturally there.

Rule 7

Courage isn’t cocky.
It doesn’t have to be. The courageous carry a knowing in their eyes. That self-worth is a worthy cause. That everyone has an edge they’re facing. That the key isn’t covering for a lack of confidence. It’s developing that confidence through integrity of action.

Rule 8

Love goes first.
Two meanings here. When we start operating from fear, love often pays the price early. It subtly slips away. And to step into boldness, love is often the beginning. Thinking about what we love. Committing to the act of love. Turning love to ourself. It’s no wonder… courage comes from Cor, which means heart in Latin, and love in French.

Rule 9

The boldhearted life is open and imperfect. It advances, expands, evolves. There are rules, keys to guide your exploration and accelerate progress, but few certain answers. We need room for new learnings. And we’re in it together, so you get a say. Stay tuned.